Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alone or lonely?

Though I am a widow and an empty nester I can choose to be lonely or just alone.  I choose not to be lonely by being active to surround myself daily in the things and thoughts that keep me happy.

Dallas is one of the reasons I am not alone.  Being a Persian
her quiet presence reminds me there is someone else here.  She is
content to sleep near me or limit her times of exuberance to 
running up and down the hall way.  I'm so thankful
she is not a climber!!!

My Victorian/Garden room is another project I am working on to keep me busy being not lonely.  A former bedroom of one of my girls it is turning into my parlor!!  By just moving some of my houseplants into here has been a good start.  Also pulling out pictures stuck away in my bedroom closet and hanging them up can really bring life to the room also.

It's a work in progress and one I am totally enjoying.  I can go shopping at thrift stores and for very little make it a special, relaxing room to enjoy my sweet tea or coffee in.

My outside garden give me things also to do to keep me busy.  Though I have been fighting bunnies this past month I think I may be winning.  They have nearly destroyed all the marigolds.  I think one survived.  They chewed on my pretty pink mini rose.......waaaa!!  I did notice it is leaving out again......yay!!!!
Also my inside garden is a delight to me daily as I move throughout
my house.



 Also my daily time spent with the Lord helps me to keep balanced in my day to day life.  He is my strength and sure foundation. 

This is how my Victorian/Garden room looks currently.  
Though I know I am not through with it yet.

 So alone I may be but lonely I am not!!!

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Blessing  Always, 
§§§§§   Sue   §§§§§ 


  1. Sue what a lovely attitude you have! Loved you post and seeing your pretty garden room and gardens. I am so surprised the bunnies are eating the marigolds as they are supposed to repel the cute but oh so dangerous in the garden rabbits.

    bee blessed

  2. Thank you Mary for your kind comment. I thought that also about the bunnies and marigolds as those flowers are quite strong smelling. I was only able to save the last one by putting the pot it was in up higher so the little rascals could not reach it!! LOL

  3. Aaah Dallas caught my eye right off the bat!! Whata beautuful fluffy kitty....adorable!

    I love your attitude, your love of God is inspirational...I came for a moment, but stuck around to read before bed and I will be back to read more....have a bessed Fourth of July!!


  4. What a beautiful post. How nice to have a spare room to fill with such lovely things :). Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog about our project!


  5. Hi Sue. Beautiful thoughts about our Lord and a beautiful room too! I solved my rabbit problem by using a spray-on repellant that I purchased at a garden store (not Lowes or Home Depot). Worked great - you just have to reapply it after it rains. I'm your newest follower! Blessings to you.

  6. Dear Sue,
    What lovely photo's and more so what lovely words. You little kitty is so adorable. And is that a real fern on your cabinet? It is beautiful. I love it's lacy kind of look...
    Happy Fourth my friend.

  7. your attitude is amazing. I'm finding out what we focus on becomes who we are. I love your grateful focus...and plants...those are some very beautiful plants.

  8. Good for you for CHOOSING to be busy rather than lonely. And I agree with the cat, mine sometimes are fantastic company!

  9. Thank you Sue for stopping by my blog and joining my linky party! What a beautiful post to remind us we aren't alone. I hope you'll stop back by. I'm planning to have a link up every Wednesday.
    Thanks again!

  10. It is a choice, isn't it? We can be alone, but not be lonely because we know that Jesus is always with us. I'm stopping by from Encouraging Words Wednesday. Many blessings!