Monday, May 30, 2011

A Little Ice Tea

Ice tea comes in many shapes and sizes!

For me I enjoy some great sweet tea on these summer days
that get pretty warm here in the desert southwest.This is
my tea for today.

Doesn't that look refreshing!  It does look a little formal today
because I'm participating in my first Tea Time Tuesday
posting to a number of really nice ladies blogs.

This is my little corner of the world where I enjoy some quiet
time with either my cup of coffee in the morning or my hot
tea or ice at other times of the day.  I call it my Victorian/Garden
room.  I have moved lots of my house plants in here as well
as my collection of hats.

My crystal ice tea glass keeps my drink quite chilly for a long time.
I'm using a pretty sterling silver teapot napkin holder and ice tea
spoon.  The silver tea spoon was a nice find along with four more
at a second hand store.  It has been around for a long time as the
wear indicates but it serves the purpose very well.

My pretty chintz tea pot does not have it's top so it does a good
job being filled with flowers and looking pretty as a center piece
on my dinning room table.  The little tea bag holder looks like
it is a match to the teapot but not so.

It does match pretty good don't you think!

The pretty linen napkin is embroidered with an open
filigree edge. 

The pressed glass tray servers the purpose very well for my
moment of enjoying some really good sweet tea.  It has 
a harp motif in the glass and the gold edge really 
adds to the beauty of the tray.

So whatever glass you like your ice tea in bring it on over 
to my little corner of the world and we will enjoy some
quiet time together!

 Thank you for visiting with me today!!

I'm linking with:
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~§§§§§  Sue §§§§§~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It Is Windy Here Today!

Though here in my quiet world
it is peaceful!

I am enjoying a nice quiet Sunday at home doing 
very little. I did run the vacuum so the 
house looks a little more kept. It has managed to get up
to 84 today so the wind outside is hot.

I am catching up on some reading of magazines.  My current
issue of Victorian Homes and Country Women are always
full of lovely things to see and inspiring topics.
My current Tea Shop Mystery by Laura Childs,"The Teaberry Strangler", is beckoning me to finish it.
Dallas my Persian, I call her my Victorian kitty, is asleep under my chair. I believe
she has been sleeping most of the day as usual!

I thought you might like to see this lovely Victorian
Bed & Breakfast I saw in the Victorian Homes issue
I am currently reading.  This is called 
The Grand Victorian and she truly is!!
She is located in northern Michigan and I have seen
pictures of her in other publications but did not know
who she was.  
Here is the addy for their site as I don't know if the link will 
work for sure.
She is a beauty for sure as you can well see.
This is the picture I have seen of her in other places.
I'm glad to know now who this lovely Queen Ann
Victorian Home is.  I would so love some day to visit 
this area and be able to stay in her.....what a treat
that would be.  But for now I will just have to
enjoy seeing her in the pages of the magazine.
I pray your day has been as peaceful as mine has been!!!
~~~~~~§§§§§§§ Sue §§§§§§§~~~~~~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Went To A Baby Shower Today!

Samantha Knight Is Having A Boy!!

Samantha works in the same office with me and she is
expecting in July.  So we invited a few of her
friends and others that she works with to 
enjoy a few hours of fun and laughter.

 The cake was luscious and there was a good variety
of other goodies to eat.

She got lots of nice things to get off to a good start
for her new little one.

We all enjoyed the day as well as watching her open
all the cute baby things.

And Sam was quite pleased with the variety
of great things she got for her 
Little Man!!

The garden at this home where the shower took place
was so delightful!!

What a lovely, peaceful place to rest yourself 
and enjoy God's creation!!

Pull up a chair with your cup of tea in hand
and listen to the sounds of the garden......enjoy!!

I hope you have enjoyed your stay and had some fun of
celebrating new life and the restful
quiet of the garden!!




Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Quite Warm Today

We here in the high desert of southern Arizona are starting to feel the very warm days.  It's made it up to 92 and I'm needing to make sure my garden gets plenty to drink.

I was out for awhile this afternoon and when I got home the poor
flowers were quite thirsty.

I am really staying on top of the watering as this heat 
does them in fast if I don't.

The hummers enjoy the garden also!!

The Victorians so loved their gardens also and brought
gardening to new heights!

"After all what is a garden for?  It is for delight, for 
sweet solace, for the purest of all human pleasures, the 
greatest refreshment of the spirits of men, it is to promote
juncundite of minde: it is to call home over-wearied spirits. 
So say the old writers, and we cannot ament their words, which
will stand as long as there are gardens on earth
and people to love them."

Gertrude Jekyll,  July 1896

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Getting Started!!!

My very first post to a new adventure for me!!

I'm looking forward to sharing all things Victorian
as well as my love of taking tea.......which is very