Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tea Cup Cloche

I had a little bit of Christmas under this cloche so I needed to change it out.  I saw one similar on Pinterest so decided to use a few cups from my tea cup collection. 
I also pulled out a few of the doilies I have to add to the display.  The tassel had been hanging on my bedroom door so that to went in the display.  

The bottom cup was a gift to me from a dear friend.  It has lovely shades of green which I don't have in any other of my cups.
The cute silver spoon is a Christmas tree ornament that I thought would go quite well in this display.  It does look rather rich with the tea cups so I'm pleased.  The cake plate I am using I won from a raffle last year.  I love it as it goes so well with the big collection of ruby flash Early American Pressed Glass items I have.


You can see I have used it in other displays around the house.

The middle cup and saucer do not match but go together rather well I think.  I like the style of the three legged cups as they are just a little different.  When I have a cup or saucer with out a mate I enjoy looking through second hand stores or antique shops for something that will go well with it.  I like picking up just a cup or saucer if I really like it since I know if I just keep looking I'll find a mate for it.

 The simple top cup has the pretty silver design to it.

I found the single rose in another display around the house so I decided it needed to be over here with this one for a little more interest.  The small white doily helps to highlight the red rose against the red crocheted doily.
I had fun changing out the Christmas decorations around the house and putting up some new ones.                        

§§§§§§   Sue   §§§§§§

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First Thrift Store Finds of The Year

Now that the holidays are past and I have bought presents for all on my list, I can go get some thrift store finds for myself.  I managed to do just that the other day at my local Goodwill store.  There are times when I go there that I don't find something but that does not happen often.  I did quite well this visit and thought I would share them with you.

 This lovely cut glass, gold metal footed display bowl was the first item I found.  It was marked for $9.00 and I was quite pleased to pay that for it.  There were no chips or damage of any kind to it so I was happy to put it in my cart.  I had just the place for it on top of a display case in the hall way.  It cleaned up very well and am please with the results.  

 This little fish I spotted and knew it would go well with the vignette I have in one of my rooms.

 It's made of wood and painted quite nicely I think.  It was marked for $2.99.

This pillow cover was still in it's original packaging so it had never been used.
 I had a pillow the right size that I did not like that well so it covered it very well and gave me a piece I can use.  It helps to balance out another display in my hall by the bedrooms very well.  It was marked at $3.99.
This tray had not been put out on the shelves yet as it was still in the bins that were ready to be put out.  Of course I look through these bins as they sit out ready to be put on a shelf.  
 It's a nice black wood tray that looks like it has had very little use.  I like getting nice trays that have interesting detail for display around the house.  
 It found a spot for the time being in the front room plant display area.

It was marked at $4.99.

It's always fun to see what useful treasures I can
find at my local thrift stores.

§§§§§§  Sue  §§§§§§

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bisbee......closing out 2011

My youngest daughter, Amanda along with her husband Josh and my newest grandson Teague, have been visiting with me for Christmas and the New Year.  We've had a great visit.  On Saturday the last day of 2011 we went for a visit to Bisbee, Arizona which is just 30 miles from where I live here in Sierra Vista.  
It was a copper mining town having been founded in the late 1800's.  Now it is a very picturesque tourist town with lots of great architecture from the Victorian and Edwardian era.
There are great little places to have a great lunch or romantic dinner.  Of course there are also wonderful antique shops!!  That is the main reason I go there.
I just love the variety of things you can find in good antique and second hand stores.  Everything from old washing machines.... old trunks...... glass ware.......

.....all kinds of pottery.....

....and everything in between!!!

We had lunch at Cafe Cornucopia.  It is some of the best lunch fare to be had in the town.  A nice fresh made soup and sandwich place.

It all looks good.......huh!!!!
 We went to the museum............. 
.......checked out all the shops on Main Street....
 ......petted a dog......
......and checked out the Copper Queen Hotel.....
   ......along with the rest of the town.....
 ......and finished tired and happy!!!
 Thanks for coming with me on our day
trip to Bisbee to finish out 2011.

§§§§§§§§§  Sue   §§§§§§§§

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