Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Ever Is Beautiful!

There is so much beauty in the world.

 Find it............



.....let the wonder of it.....

........fill your soul with joy......

.........and delight!!!

§§§♥♥♥♥ Sue ♥♥♥♥§§§

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hummingbird Nest With Eggs!!

What does a hummingbird nest and a 
cheese dome have in common?

 I guess I best start from the beginning.  This past Saturday
I made a trip to one of my favorite thrift stores and found
this cheese dome.  As a matter of fact I saw a few days
before when I was there and passed it up.  I kept
thinking there must be something I could do with
As you see it was for a reasonable price.

I really enjoy using cloches around my house to decorate
with.  This is just a small cloche so needed to find
something small enough to use with it.

This is my tea cup cloche I posted 
about previously.  I just love this 
as it is so me!! I love all things
Victorian and love my tea no 
matter if it is a soothing cup of hot tea or refreshing sweet tea for the summer.

 I remembered the small hummingbird nest, with eggs, I found
some years ago around our property.  It had long been abandoned 
and was just too precious to be left to the elements.  
So it came in the house and in the artificial tree in my
dinning room.

It looked like it would fit very well and it did.
 I located a small doily from my collection and placed it
on the base to add a little bit of pretty to my

The little nest, with eggs, fit just right on the base.

 Here are some views of the cute eggs.

I thought I remembered a bird some where around the 
house so went looking and found it in another 
display that would be just fine without it.

So the bird was added to the nest.

I know it's not a hummingbird but I think 
it works okay!

I have the nest, eggs, and a bird so looks to be finished.

Now to find a place to put it!!
I wanted it to be seen and not hidden away so looked
around the front room area.  I found a good
place by the front entry way.

This 1930's smoking stand needed a little something else
so decided this would be a good spot.

I'm pleased with how it turned out.  Now everyone
can enjoy this lovely little bit of God's creation as 
they visit my home.

Thanks for stopping by my little place and I hope you
have enjoyed your stay!!

§§§♥♥♥♥ Sue ♥♥♥♥§§§

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Parasols, Parades and Lady Banksia

The first of April is the time of year when the world's largest rosebush blooms here in my neck of the woods.  That rosebush would be the famous Lady Banksia rosebush in Tombstone,
Arizona.  It just happens to be about a 20 minute drive from
my home.
 This is the view of the top of the bush from the viewing platform which is up about five feet so you can see the top.  This picture does not show it in full bloom yet as the whole bush will be full of the small blooms.  It only lasts a few weeks but is quite awesome to see.

 Its canopy covers 8,500 (!) square feet. The trunk of the monster plant has a circumference of 12 feet. It is, and has been, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Plus it smells really good!!
So every year the Rose Festival takes place in Tombstone 
to celebrate this special part of the towns history.  You see
a lady by the name of Mary Gee came to Tombstone from Scotland in 1885. She was the bride of a local miner, and she stayed at the Cochise House while her home was being constructed. She was horrendously homesick, and her family sent her some reminders of home to make her feel better. One of those things was a root to her favorite plant, Lady Banks' Rosebush. She was friendly with the owner of the hotel, and the bush was planted on the grounds. 
Today the bush is in the same spot, but the Cochise House is now called the Rose Tree Inn Museum and Gift Shop. It blooms white roses every April, and their is a parade and festival to celebrate the blooming.  The rosebush is at the corner of 4h Street and Toughnut.
This brings me back to my original title of Parasols, Parades and Lady Banksia.  I participated in this years Rose Parade....the one here in Tombstone not in Pasadena, California!
 There I am on the far left of the above picture.  This is the picture that was in our local newspaper!!  I don't think I have ever had my picture in the newspaper!!  I'm a member of the Tombstone Vigilettes and our group always walks in this parade.
Here I am standing under the Lady Banks rose bush.  I've only been with the Vigilettes for just a year now so this was my first time attending the whole Rose Festival events for that weekend.
This is the picture I took of our ladies getting ready to walk in the parade.  
So with my special picture to display I came up with a few items already around the house and put it in this display in my front room.
I thought my lovely Victorian Lady with her parasol would go very well next to me and my parasol!

 Any time you might find yourself in Arizona around the Tombstone area do stop by and see this very special rose bush.  It's amazing to see the size of it and even more special to see it in bloom.  
These are a few pictures I found of it in full bloom.  Also see how large the trunk is.....very impressive!!

I enjoy seeing my little display when I walk into the front room of Parasols, Parades and Lady Banksia!!
I hope you have enjoyed it also!!