Friday, June 17, 2011

Peace In The Midst of A Storm

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

My Arizona town of Sierra Vista is weary........
We are heavy burdened........

As the Monument Fire rages destroying homes
and sending people and their animals fleeing for 
safer ground.

His presence and his promise transform the darkness, making even our weariness and our burdens a blessing.  After all, these things have opened our ears and our hearts to his invitation.  They drive us into our Savior's embrace.

Even in the midst of a fire storm He is with us.  Provision is
all around as we are finding this out from the outpouring of
our citizens and surrounding communities.  The fire
still rages and in it all the best of people comes shining  through!!

What wearies and burdens you right now?  When we
find ourselves in the long, dark tunnel of weariness and burdens, Jesus meets us there.  Just think of that!  Jesus meets us those dark places, those dark times when we feel lost.

It's all good.  Or, rather, it's good when we let our Savior's words of hope and promise seep through, transforming our pain.  It's good when we trust our Savior's promise to forgive, to heal, to help.  It's good when we rest in his all-inclusive love.

for our part of this big world as we come together to fight this monster and then heal as a community!

May the Lord bless and keep you in His LOVE!!

§§§§§ Sue §§§§§ 


  1. I am praying. That is such a hard thing to go through, but that is great that you have a positive outlook and know that our Father will take care of it all. :)

  2. Such a beautiful post for Hope, Peace, Provision. Rest in Turmoil. Truly He meets our needs. Thanks for this assuring post.

  3. Hello Sue, Yes my prayer is added.. Welcome to blogger World. You will find many lovely people here and great friends. I tried to be a follower three times?? Maybe it will allow it next time?
    Blessings Crystal Mary from Queensland, Australia

  4. this is so sad to read and yet....your faith and hope shines. Praying for safety for all of you....It's strange how in tough times...people turn to help each other. I'm glad it's that way where you live. Stay safe and strong....☺

  5. Oh, Sue, my prayer is that you and your community will continue to see His loving provision and feel safe in His everlasting arms, even in these circumstances. Thank you for sharing this thru the lens of faith, hope and love.

  6. This fire has been devastating to so many. Thank you for sharing the positive side of it. Your header picture is gorgeous. Looks like Butchart Gardens. We went there years ago and I took lots of pictures. I took pictures - lots of them - as we walked around the gardens. It was almost time to leave when I realized there was no film in my camera. So I loaded it up and we made a quick trip back through. I'm sure some of the first pictures I took would have been better. Oh well, I learned a lesson there.

  7. Sometimes when your area is green and still you forget to pray for other areas whose world is so troubled. Thank you for this reminder and I will pray for you.

  8. How my heart aches for all of you. It's an amazing God who can help you keep such a sweet spirit through it all. Praying!


  9. I used to live in wildfire country. At least three times, our home was put on evacuation notice. Wildfire is so unpredictable, creating its own weather patterns. And that is scary!!! So sorry this is happening to your community and fine state. I pray that all will stay safe and that winds will subside so fire fighters can get the upperhand.

  10. I will pray for your town.I have never been is a citation like this but I'm sure the community creates a bond.
    God Bless,

  11. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for stopping and commenting on my Nostalgic Sunday post! I feel so bad for you and the many others who've been living with these fires. I keep thinking, and sometimes saying out loud, "In this country that can send a man to the moon, and all the other technology that's going on, why can't there be a way to "catch" the flooding waters in some areas, and send the water by pipe lines to the draught areas?" Keeping you in my thoughts,

  12. Hi Sue,

    I am so pleased that I've been introduced to your blog. It's beautiful.

    My husband and I love Arizona, and we are just devastated to hear about how these fires are destroying so much of its beautiful land and forests. Not to mention the human tragedy of it all. I am sending prayers to all of you.

    I love how you pointed out that adversity such as this drives us into the embrace of the Savior. How beautifully you worded that. Yes, it's true. C.S. Lewis called pain God's "megaphone" - and sometimes we need to hear His shout - "Come near..."

    There are some burdens and worries in my family right now - and I'm resting in the Lord's promises - that He will give me strength in the midst of it all, and that He will work His good purposes.

    Thank you for an encouraging word today.


  13. I drove through Arazona about three weeks ago and we could smell the smoke and see the smoky haze from the interstate. And, yes, God does meet us in those dark, burnt places.