Monday, June 6, 2011

Something I Found At Goodwill

Today I had to go into town for my usual Monday trip.  Since I work
from Tuesday to Friday I use Monday to do all the errands that
need doing for the week.  We have a new Goodwill store that recently
opened and I have found lots of great things there.  

This little item I found today!
Is this cute or what!!!

I have an area in this room that I am using sea shells.  These were
left behind when one of my girls moved out.  So I have found a place for them and now this little bench will help it look even better. 

Even Dallas, my shaved Persian, thinks it is quite interesting. sure has some interesting smells anyway!!  

When I first saw this at the store it was marked $19.99.  It does have a few issues and I didn't think  I wanted to pay that for it.  So when I saw it again today for $4.99 I figured it now had a new home. 

I really like the ocean and light house scene on it.


I think Dallas does too!!

She of course gave it a very good going over.  Smelling every inch.

For a moment she thought about getting under it but decided not to.

This is the area in the room I will be rearranging for the little bench.  That big shell next to the closet door I found at an estate auction.  It's big for sure!

When I get it all put together I'll get more pics and show you the finished project.

(Sorry for the quality of the pics.  The flash on my digital camera stopped working so now I need to get a new one!  Always something you know.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

~~~~~~~~§§§§§  Sue §§§§§~~~~~~~~~  

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  1. LOVE it! The shape is beautiful and it is perfect with the sea shells...gorgeous painting, too. I wonder if Dallas will make it her little sitting spot.