Sunday, August 7, 2011

Encouraging Words

Let me speak encouraging words when I can.  

Let me uplift someone when I am able!

Let me not miss the opportunity to find
beauty everywhere I look.

Let not a day go by that I fail to
smile at someone.

When all around us there is such sadness and
overwhelming problems.  Every where we
look and in all the things we listen to on television
and the radio, in newspapers and on the internet the 
darkness of the world invades our very

Let us choose to bring a smile, a positive word, an
affirming comment, an encouraging word.  It is in 
our power to find the beauty and share 
it with others.

So though there is darkness all around us
let us determine that it shall not take root
in us.  

Let us choose to bring the LIGHT to the world
and BEAUTY to every day!!

Think about such things!!
For nothing is impossible for our God and He
can use a willing!!

§§§§§§§§  Sue  §§§§§§§§


  1. Beautiful blog Sue, and I love the verses from Philippians.

  2. Great reminders! Yes there are a lot of people having a hard time, and we should find ways to bring God's love into their lives!

  3. I am really happy I stopped by your space today.. and read much needed words. Words that create worlds.. although I am going through a tough time you remind me to smile and find the beauty within. I choose to smile and be the light.

    Thank you so much, your words have helped me change my outlook and my day.


  4. You are an encouragement and a breath of positivity indeed. So glad I stopped by...and thank you for linking up with Graceful!

  5. Welcome to blogging. What a pretty blog and happy looking family you are. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  6. I loved this. There can never be enough 'positive'.